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Lighting Solutions

Led Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Choosing to add LED outdoor lighting to your outdoor space enhances both the beauty of your space and brings an element of security and safety to your yard. SWAT is pleased to offer a number of Coastal Source lighting solutions which meet all of your unique functionality needs with a product that is reliable, efficient and attractive all at the same time.

All Coastal Source LED landscape lighting systems are tailored to meet the individual requirements of your unique outdoor space with several key factors being considered. Each outdoor lighting system is designed with functionality in mind. This includes careful consideration when it comes to the light level, the overall feel and appearance of your landscape lighting including accent lighting designed to highlight a particularly attractive area of your yard, as well as your landscape lighting’s ability to adapt to your space’s future growth.

Investing in Coastal Source outdoor lighting means you are choosing fixtures made completely of brass which are sealed to protect against rust, corrosion and bugs. While Coastal Source landscape lighting utilizes long lasting, energy saving LED bulbs, eventually your bulbs will burn out. By crafting products made completely or brass which are sealed against the elements, Coastal Source has made it so your outdoor lighting system is easily maintained with protection against corrosion meaning your bulbs can be easily changed. Best of all, each outdoor lighting system is back by a full warranty guaranteeing the longevity of your investment.


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