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Landscape Lighting Systems


Traditionally, choosing and installing landscape lighting systems has been stressful and a strain on the wallet. Most low voltage halogen systems include wasteful lengths of wire for connectivity and require skilled technicians to complete a difficult installation. The result of such a system is that your outdoor lighting system requires more power to remain operational, installation can be timely and expensive, and maintenance will be labor intensive and frequent.

All of this adds up to expense, waste, and an inferior product which will require a great deal of maintenance on an ongoing basis.

Ready to Install Right Out of The Box

With this in mind, SWAT offers Coastal Source lighting systems which are ready to install right out of the box. The Low Voltage Coastal LED System utilizes Coastal Source’s patent pending Coastal Connector which eliminates the need for in-field splice connectors  which are the primary cause of a landscape lighting system’s failure.

A Weatherproof Lighting Solution

The use of Coastal Source’s own weatherproof connections saves you time, as well as the financial strain of expensive installations and maintenance. In addition, such a system utilizes 85% less energy than traditional systems which will save you even more money throughout the life of your outdoor lighting system.

The Cost Savings of Using LED Landscape Lighting

When comparing the cost of a traditional 10-15 fixture landscape lighting system with a Coastal Source LED system, the initial cost of the Coastal Source system can be slightly higher, however, over a ten year period, a traditional system can cost between $16,000 and $18,000 in maintenance where as the average cost of maintaining a Coastal Source outdoor lighting system over the same ten year period of time generally costs little more than $8,000. Additionally, by offering LED lighting, a Coastal Source lighting system will save you money in terms of energy cost, as well as bulb replacements.


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