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Protect Your Property From Mosquitoes & No-See-Ums

Whether at home or your business, nothing puts a damper on the day more than being accosted by mosquitos. It’s no secret that Florida is filled with its fair share of biting insects. Between the high heat and the extreme humidity, it’s the perfect habitat for mosquitos, flies, and perhaps the most annoying: the no-see-um. If you’re like many Floridians, the moment you step outside the first thing you notice is the heat and the second is the discomfort from mosquitos and no-see-ums swarming around. But, what if you could change this?

Under the belief that you should be able to enjoy the outdoors without being bitten up by insects, SWAT Mosquito Systems has developed an advanced misting system designed to help do just this. So, how do our revolutionary systems work?

The Idea Behind The System mosquito misting – how it works

Before getting into the specifics of the system, it helps to have an idea of how the system is intended to work. Traditionally, you might think of mosquito control as an active process. Perhaps you have someone come out and spray around your perimeter regularly, they come inside your home and spray the base boards to keep bugs out and often times you still find insects slipping through the cracks. When it comes time to go outside, you apply some noxious chemical to your skin that is somewhat effective in keeping insects away, but definitely isn’t comfortable.

It’s a ritual that can get tiresome, which is where mosquito misting systems enter the equation. Rather than actively going about this, the idea is that a custom-built mosquito misting system can create a sort of barrier around your property. Using a network of misters, you can therefore create an environment that is active 24/7, 365. From there, biting insects stay away and your trips outside are much more pleasant.

Maintaining A Protected Perimeter

Understanding the idea behind the system, it’s easy to imagine how a network of misters can provide an effective perimeter to keep mosquitos at bay. Rather than having to actively go around your property and spray for these pests, these unique mosquito misting systems provide a virtual barrier around your property to keep insects away. Understanding your property and the areas of traffic, your system can be focused along specific corridors or walkways to ensure you can traverse the land without fear of being bitten up during your daily routine. All of this is accomplished with the help of just the right insect repellents.

Leveraging Botanical Insect Repellents

While the system is what delivers the repellent, the actual ingredients are what effectively drive insects away. At SWAT Mosquito Systems, we use a variety of power insect repellents to combat mosquitos, no-see-ums, and an array of other common pests. These delete naturally include non-hazardous ingredients, many of them pulling from long-time botanical allies. For instance, rosemary is a powerful ingredient that naturally repels insects. In addition, we use a derivative of the chrysanthemum flower in many of our repellents called pyrethrum. If you have questions about what might go into your system, please feel free to ask us more about our powerful repellents.

Custom Mosquito Misting Systems

With everything else accounted for, our engineers custom design ever single system we deliver. In doing this, our mosquito misting systems are built specifically for the property they are installed on. This ensures maximum coverage and optimal results for all our customers. This way, you can freely walk around your property knowing you are covered where it matters most.

Installing Your New Mosquito Mist System

The final consideration on how these mosquito systems work arrives on installation day. Depending on the size of your property, it is important to recognize that the actual installation may take a matter of days, or even a week or more. Due to the custom nature and the low-profile design, our engineers take the time to ensure everything is installed properly and doesn’t interfere with your existing landscape, which can take time to fully install.

Ultimately, we live by a simple motto: “whatever it takes.” And, we stick with this attitude to ensure your installation goes smoothly and works just as intended. When you’re ready to have your own system installed and reclaim the outdoors for your family, pick up the phone and give us a call at 866-900-7928 to get started.

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